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Avoiding Spiritual Dangers in This Sick, Fleshly World

Christian Ministers—Defined!

The spiritual dissemination work of Kingdom University® is accomplished by qualified teachers who are:

  • Christian Theology & Biblical Ministers
  • Christian Health & Healing Ministers
  • Ordained Ministers
  • Ordained Licensed Ministers
  • Certified Christologists

Counseling through a Christian Health & Healing Spiritual Means & Prayer

Our Christian Health & Healing Ordained Ministers counsel publicly and privately through Christian spiritual means and prayer, and by the teachings of our various educational programs, including schools developed through the organization of Christology.

They are qualified to be licensed practitioners through Kingdom University® and carry on the Biblical Christian teachings and healing responsibilities granted by, the spiritual but not religious organization, Christology, to perform their organizational Christian responsibilities.

spiritual soulOrdained Christian Health & Christian Healing Ministers are entitled to compensatory wages for their spiritual work (1 Timothy 5:17,18), and they should not do it for prominence (1 Timothy 1:6, 7), but should do it for the love (1 John 4:8) and the life-saving message that the spiritual organization, Ecclesiology, is promulgating based on Christian, unadulterated principles found in the Holy Bible.

Christian Ministers at Kingdom University® are educated on how to conduct their Christian Ministry as footstep followers of Jesus Christ. We provide an Ordained Christian Minister through their Healing ministry with the opportunity to attain a Christian Counseling Degree that would qualify them to Scriptually Counsel as Christian Holistic Health and Healing Ministers to heal the sick and help them to maintain good Christian Health, Spiritually and Physically.


Charters may be issued to any licensed and ordained Christian Health & Healing Minister by the Christian spiritual organization Christology providing that all spiritual tenets and creed are strictly observed. Any deviation from organizational Christian spiritual beliefs established by the organization Ecclesiology could lead to the revocation of their charter.

Licensed and ordained Christian Ordained Health & Healing Ministers and Certified Christologists that are working in unrelated fields of employment shall continue to exemplify the Christian, spiritual beliefs in every facet of their life, and shall demonstrate a living faith by example. Why? "Faith without works is dead" (James 2:26).

Healing the Whole Human Soul

"Thou shalt love God with thy whole mind, heart and soul"
(Matthew 22:37)
human soul

Our Christian Ordained Holistic Health and Healing Ministry of Reconciliation shall include the healing of the whole human soul, which is inclusive of the human spirit, mind, body and soul.

Physicians Without Value®

Physicians without Value

"Ye are all quack doctors"
(Job 13:4)
physician with pills

In the Bible, spiritual rather than physical breakdowns, as well as spiritual healings, are subjects of particular significance. Attention is drawn to the responsibility of natural Israel's leaders in these matters. "From the prophet even to the priest, each one (was) acting falsely" during Jeremiah's day. They made a pretense of healing the physical ailments of God's people, claiming that all was well (Jeremiah 6:13, 14; 8:11). In health matters, they were very much like Job's comforters "ye are all quack doctors" (Job 13:4—The Berkeley Version of the New Testament (Gerrit Verkuyl).

The Healing Power of God through Jesus Christ

Finally, you must be ever mindful that "the spirit and healing power of God through Jesus Christ, who healed the lame, maimed, the blind and dumb, the epileptics, the lepers and many other diseases (Matthew 4:24; 15:30, 31), and through the Christian ministry of your present day, is the "cause of all healings" (Luke 5:17: 17:12-18).

God has bestowed on humanity the ability of the body to "regenerate its physical organism back to health" (Psalm 41:3), and you must realize that only "God, our Heavenly Father, is the true healer of all organisms" (Psalm 103:2-4: Job 42:10).

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"I have given you every tree bearing fruit; to you, it shall be for food"
(Genesis 1:29)