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Kingdom University® Mission Statement

Kingdom University® of Natural Medicine teaches an "Ancient Logos Philosophy" that we must take a "Wholistic" approach in preserving our spirit, mind, body and soul by not "defiling our flesh and spirit." We, as Spiritual & Physical Healers, have the "gift of healing and curing" others and have a moral and spiritual responsibility to help those in need of spiritual and physical healing.

"Ancient Logos Philosophy" teaches us that "faith" can heal one and make one "whole" including the "whole body shall be of light" which clearly supports the physiological and spiritual principle and meaning of the word "wholistic" which is "We are not spiritually & physically the sum of our individual parts that depends on optimum health but the sum of our whole Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul" because, if we try to separate parts from the combined whole, there will be serious unhealthy consequences.  Even in death there is no separation! If we want to avoid being sick and diseased, whether it be physically or spiritually, we must learn and understand what it means to be whole and learn the Natural and Divine Science and wholistic knowledge that will keep us whole because “’Logos’ Maketh Thee Whole”.

"Logos" can be defined as a "Rational Divine Intelligence" or "Ultimate Reality" in principle or science based on the philosophy of "Wholism" and not “Holism." The "Logos" principle can occur when Natural and Divine Science are harmoniously integrated into a "Whole" and "Ultimate Reality" that cannot be denied nor separated; not even in death."

"The Ancient of Days" qualifies us
to preach and heal the sick"
(2 Corinthians 3:6; Matthew 10:7,8)
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Holism views human life as made of parts that are ultimately divisible at death and sees the human soul as unconditionally immortal. "Wholism" on the other hand views human life as made of parts that are not divisible and perceives the human soul as mortal and conditionally immortal through a resurrection.

Kingdom University of Natural Medicine™ teaches the philosophy of "Wholism" versus "Holism" which will help one to realize the importance of a whole Physical & Spiritual connection. To Thine Own Self Be True should motivate all of us who have been given the spiritual power and gift of healing that we have a responsibility to share this gift with all peopleBut first, we must learn how to avoid defiling our spirit, mind, body, and soul so we can exemplify the meaning of living a lifestyle that is harmoniously "Whole" based on the concept of true "Wholism."

We should realize as good stewards of the earth that our Wholistic and Spiritual Mission is to heal people of all nations by teaching them to live a more "Wholistic Lifestyle by Not Polluting their Physical Body, Spirit and Soul" and this should be our focus and purpose.

A good example of avoiding the pollution of our physical body, as well as avoiding polluting our spirituality, would be how there is a clear connection between the food we eat and our spiritual health. If we nourish the body as well as the spirit, we will be able to attain pristine health and wellness well into our 80s and 90s until the day that we expire. The "Whole Medicine & Healing Nutrition Diet"  is only one important aspect how we can avoid defiling the flesh.

The "Whole Medicine & Healing Nutrition Diet" is the spiritual way of nourishing our physical body based on the Acid Alkaline Balance Philosophy of Nutrition, which was practiced centuries ago by a very Ancient Culture that was marooned in the dessert for 40 years.  In fact, this dietary practice led to the lack of disease among those people that practiced this form of nutrition based on the Acid Alkaline Balance Philosophy that has also been referred to as the Bible Diet in modern day society. If we practice this Healthy form of Nutrition, even if you were marooned in the dessert for 40 years under temperatures of 120 degrees, years of careless living and abuse to our body can reverse and heal itself of the damage caused and even a physical and healthy appearance may be restored. People of all nations who discover this Non-Medical Form of Nutrition, along with its anti-aging properties and ability to bolster the immune system, soon learn how to take charge of their personal health and spiritual wellness that has been built with you by "Divine Intelligent Design."

Be mindful that "They that are whole (cured) need not a physician but they that are sick" and that is why we all have a spiritual and moral responsibility to learn the wholistic and natural healing knowledge required to heal ourselves so then we can teach others how to heal their conditions, whether it be spiritually or physically related, so they too can live a wholistic, happy and healthy lifestyle. We should make it our goal, purpose and passion to Become "Fully Engaged,", Mind, Heart, Body and Soul to help heal others through our various gifts of healing and teaching to "Maketh The People of All Nations Whole."

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