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Kingdom University of Natural Medicine™, an Accredited Online Herbalism School & College, offers the Only Ph.D. Degree in Herbology & Aromatherapy, including a Ph.D. Degree in Herbal Medicine Online. This course program will teach you valuable Modern & Ancient Healing Powers and Practices such as Healing with Essential Oils (Aromatherapy).

Fast-Track B.S./M.S. Degrees in Herbal Medicine are exclusively offered in our Herbology Schools & College. We provide the only combined Accredited Master Herbalist & Master Aromatherapist Certification Online Course Program. Become a Certified Master Herbalist & Certified Master Aromatherapist by enrolling in our Herbal School today. 

Our Brand New Natural Medicine Degree & Certification Program includes a carefully blended combination of courses for optimum health & healing, such as our Plant Based Nutritionist Expert Vegetarian, Vegan & Fruitarian courses. Courses, such as these, will introduce the "Ultimate Alkaline Diet" that will promote Health, Power, Strength, Endurance & Healing to every human cell of your body.

Integrative Non-Medical Nutrition™

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How Our Programs Work

  • Self-Paced! No Time Limits To Complete Programs!
  • Learn from your Home Environment. No Traveling!
  • You will be assigned a Tutor at No Additional Cost!
  • Plan your own study schedule per day/month/year!

These flexible features allow students to fully absorb the Holistic Health, Healing & Nutrition Principles that would be required to develop a successful Holistic Career & Practice.

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World’s 1st & Only University & College Offering Ph.D. Degrees in Herbology & Aromatherapy™

Phd Herbology - Herbologist Degree

World’s 1st & Only University & College Offering Ph.D. Degrees in Whole Medicine & Healing Herbs™