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Kingdom University of Natural Health™, unlike other Universities, Colleges and Schools in the world, is offering the ONLY online Ph.D. degrees and certified course programs in Herbology and Herbs that will teach you the Modern versus Ancient Healing Powers and Practices of Herbalism and Essential Oils through the practice known as Aromatherapy which is based on a "Divine Rational Intelligence" and "Ultimate Reality." 

Kingdom University of Natural Health™, is the ONLY online University, College and School offering "Combined" but separate online certifications as a Certified Master Herbalist & Certified Master Aromatherapist.

Integrative Non-Medical Nutrition™

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How Our Programs Work

  • Self-Paced! No Time Limits To Complete Programs!
  • Learn from your Home Environment. No Traveling!
  • You will be assigned a Tutor at No Additional Cost!
  • Plan your own study schedule per day/month/year!

These flexible features allow students to fully absorb the Holistic Health, Healing & Nutrition Principles that would be required to develop a successful Holistic Career & Practice.

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World’s 1st & Only University & College Offering Ph.D. Degrees in Herbology & Aromatherapy™

Phd Herbology - Herbologist Degree

World’s 1st & Only University & College Offering Ph.D. Degrees in Whole Medicine & Healing Herbs™