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Christian collective "All will know that ye are my disciples by the love that you will have among one another"
(John 13:35)

MD–101 Christian Organization Defined
(Ecclesiology & Christology)

This course will teach you the Biblical Etymology of
"Ecclesiology" that can be found in the Septuagint Bible, which uses ekklesia to translate the Hebrew word qâhâl meaning a fellowshipping, congregation, assembly, company or other organized body for spiritual purposes (Acts 2:42).

Ecclesiology is "Spiritual, But Not Religious" and also
"Unchurched" which may be defined as all those who do not believe in a structured, ritualistic and dogmatic pious performance at the altar. Christology is the study of the person of Christ, His life, His ministry, His sacrifice, His commandments, and His sacrifice as our savior. In short, without an understanding of the character of Christ, your ministry is doomed to fail. (Proverbs19:2)

Christology is the study of the person of Christ, His life, His ministry, His sacrifice, His commandments and His sacrifice as our savior. In short, without an understanding of the character of Christ, your ministry is doomed to fail. (Proverbs 19:2)

We, as a spiritual and Christian organization called 'Ecclesiology" define our philosophy as the science of organic Christianity, which is a living, breathing, dynamic, mutually participatory, every-member functioning, Christ-centered, communal expression of the body of Christ that is based on Christian Bible principles and historical events. (4.0 credits)

MD–102 Christian Holistic Health & Healing Ministry Defined
This course will help you understand the responsibilities of a Holistic Health Christian Ministry. As a Christian Holistic Health & Healing Minister, you will learn to help heal the sick in relation to the spirit, mind, body and soul, which are all working synergistically towards Pristine "spiritual and physical" Health. ( 4.0 credits)

MD–103 Nutrition: Introduction
This course presents the most advanced concept in correct food nutrition. It also introduces what is naturally and hygienically acceptable to eat and how to properly combine foods for optimum nutrition and health. (4.0 credits)

MD–104 Advanced Natural Lifestyles & Philosophies
This course covers all aspects of natural health required to attain superior health and a practical, healthful way of living. The primary topics covered include the following: Detoxification, Causes of Disease, Pure Air, Pure Water, Adequate Rest and Sleep, a Natural and Hygienic Diet, Correct Temperatures, Sunlight, Regular Exercise, Mental and Emotional Balance, which includes Freedom from Addiction, Higher Self-esteem, a Motivated and Purposeful Life with Meaningful Goals including Loving and Nurturing Relationships.  (4.0 credits)

MD–105 Neuro Biology of Beliefs
This course will effortlessly help one learn a breakthrough technique that will unleash the full potential of positive and loving thoughts and its healthy effects on one's emotions. (4.0 credits)

MD–106 Ordained Holistic Health & Healing Minister Defined
The purpose of this course is to help you define and understand your role as a Christian Health & Healing Ordained Minister. (4.0 credits)

MD–107 Advanced Applied Nutrition
This course details the ideal sources and correct ratios for the three caloronutrients, as well as for all other nutrients, and demystifies all health concerns related to the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. The student will learn how to determine his/her true dietetic nature, and how to correctly utilize the “nutrient-per-calorie” concept for evaluating the nutritional content when planning meals. The course also examines the effects of eating raw fruit on specific health conditions such as Candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, cancer, simple-carbohydrate deficiencies, and the healthful management of weight. (4.0 credits)

MD–108 Essay: Your Role as an Ordained Minister
The student will write a 500 word Essay defining the role of an Ordained Minister through the concepts learned throughout the program and how it will apply to the student’s personal life and commitment to God and one's ministry. (4.0 credits)

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"We are a sweet odor of Christ issueing forth from life among those who are being saved"
(2 Corinthians 2:15,16)