Kingdom University of Natural Medicine - Whole Integrative Medicine and Healing Nutrition

PhD Herbal Medicine Degree Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Herbal Medicine
Let Thy Healing Foods be Thy Whole Medicine & Whole Medicine be Thy Healing Foods.

Kingdom University of Natural Medicine™, as an Herbal College, offers a PhD Degree in Herbal Medicine through a series of enlightening Herbal Courses Online. The student enrolled in this Herbalism School Online Program will receive a superior education in the field of Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy, eventually earning a Doctorate of Herbal Medicine or professional degree in Herbalism. The student will develop a practical and theoretical understanding of clinical herbalism and professionally apply this knowledge to educate others. Our Herbal Medicine School is the worldwide leader offering these Herbal Medicine Online Science Degrees. The Origin of Herbalism clearly teaches that Holy Herbs were Human's original and natural biological diet and a source of healing foods.

"World's First & Only University & College Offering B.S./M.S./Ph.D. Degrees in Herbology,
Whole Integrative Medicine and Healing 
Non-Medical Nutrition, Herbs & Aromatherapy"™