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Whole Herbal Medicine Degree Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Herbology & Whole Medicine

Kingdom University® offers a Ph.D. Degree in Herbology & Whole Medicine with course programs Online in Advanced Herbology as Whole Healing Medicine & Nutrition. The courses will teach the natural and powerful healing effects of eating green leafy vegetables and fruits based on Modern day Research and Ancient Philosophy.  Our Herbology Courses will also teach the importance and Healing Powers of "Essential Oils" through the science of Aromatherapy such as "Frankincense" which is a powerful "Purification Oil." In fact modern-day research as proven that this "Spiritual & Physical Purification Process" can induce the death of breast cancer cells and even improve the cognitive abilities of those with severe dementia conditions.

See our Whole Medicine & Healing Herbs PhD Program.

"Let Thy Healing Foods Be Thy Whole Medicine & Thy Whole Medicine Be Thy Healing Foods."