Kingdom University - Whoe Medicine and Healing Nutrition

Whole Herbal Medicine & Healing Herbs Degree Program

"Let Thy Healing Foods Be Thy Whole Medicine & Whole Medicine Be Thy Healing Foods"

Doctor of Philosophy in Whole Integrative Medicine & Healing™ Herbs

Kingdom University® offers a Ph.D. Degree in Whole Integrative Medicine & Healing™ Herbs with courses in Herbal Studies Online so the student can become a Certified Clinical Herbalist. Our superior Herbalist Course Program will guarantee the student a superior education as an Herbal Educator in this field of interest that will help the student attain a Herbalist Degree or Certification that has no equal in this world of Herbal Healing through Natural Farmaceuticals. The Origin of Herbalism clearly teaches that Holy Herbs were man's original and natural biological diet including their source of healing foods.

See our Herbology PhD Program.

"World's First & Only University & College Offering B.S./M.S./Ph.D. Degrees in Herbology,
Whole Integrative Medicine and Healing 
Non-Medical Nutrition, Herbs & Aromatherapy"™