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"Logos" can be defined as a "Rational Divine Intelligence" or "Ultimate Reality in principle or science. The "Logos" principle can occur when Natural and Divine Science are harmoniously integrated into a whole and ultimate reality that cannot be denied nor separated.

"Let Thy Healing Foods Be Thy Whole Medicine & Thy Whole Medicine Be Thy Healing Foods"


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Kingdom University®, in relation to the mind, body and soul, answers frequently asked questions such as 'what does metaphysical mean' or 'how do I attain a PhD in Metaphysics' through 'metaphysical science and studies’? Additional questions may include 'what is metaphysics or metaphysics philosophy' that would be taught in a metaphysical church, college or school?

Kingdom University®'s position and response to these metaphysical questions are based on the philosophy of Wholism in relation to how the 'whole' health of the spirit, mind, body and soul must be viewed as inseparable. Wholism believes that a person does not have a spirit body that resides separately within the physical body. When you die, your physical spirit, mind, body and soul dies, although, there are those that believe in 'Wholism' who after death also believe in the hope of a resurrection in either a physical or spiritual form. Metaphysics believes that there is a spirit body that is a separate entity residing within the physical human body and that, at death, leaves the body and enters another dimension. This is considered the belief in 'Holism' which clearly is a violation of the principles of 'Wholism' that the human body cannot be separated in that 'we are not the sum of our parts but the sum of our inseparable whole.

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"Let Thy Healing Foods Be Thy Whole Medicine & Thy Whole Medicine Be Thy Healing Foods."